Skills Training Available

For members of Tampa Bay Sea Kayakers, there are two sources of training to improve your kayak skills:

TBSK Safety & Training Coordinator

The club offers free kayak skills instruction and we have a Safety & Training Coordinator who coordinates training sessions for club members. On the last page of the TBSK Newsletter you will find the Club Safety & Training Coordinator's name, phone number and email.  Please contact the coordinator to find the training you need.

Local Kayak Shops

The two kayak shops which we recommend for giving instructions are:

Bill Jacksons

Contact: 727-576-4169
Bill Jacksons experienced kayak staff will teach American Canoe Association  techniques.

Sweetwater Kayaks



Phone: 727-570-4844
Sweetwater Kayaks has experienced and certified staff who are able to teach both American Canoe Association (ACA) and British Canoe (BC) paddling techniques, for both Euro and Greenland paddlers, plus rolling. Contact the shop for more information.

Basic Rescue Training

The best way to learn rescue techniques is in a kayak class taught by a qualified professional. Can also be helpful (and entertaining) to review the multitudes of Youtube videos available on the topic. Here are some on the common assisted rescue known as the T-rescue

Youtube T-rescues

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